Solo Salon

Samedi 6 décembre
Opening 19.00 - start at 20.00

Entrance 5€

Come discovering the second edition of Solo Salon, through the corners of collective auQuai private and cultural space.

Solo Salon is an event that happen in private houses, that includes dance and performance. The audience will gather to watch the pieces in different locations in the hosting house.

Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti (Basque)
Laurent Delom de Mezerac (France)
Asher lev (Israel)
Irina Lavrinovic (Lithuania)
Chris Santa Maria (Greek)
Bar Altshuler (Israel)
Emilia gasiorek (British)
Youti De Gussem (Belgium)
Giada Castioni (Italy), Thomas Jillings (Belgium), Valerie Van Roey (Belgium)

Pictures and vidéo of the first edition