2-3 JUNE

Dear actor, poet, singer, ...

“I met Christiane, during travelling and I always wanted to go to Berlin or Vienna just to follow one of her “voice” workshop.
Now, she plays in Brussels and I convinced her to do a workshop with her team. So I kindly invite you to her work and workshops.”                      Jee Kast 2012

We explore our voice in all its expressions and sounds, regardless of aesthetic standards. The relationship between voice and body as well as voice and consciousness will be examined. In the Roy Hart voice work, we move into new territory of our voice beyond the areas that we are habitually using. Playful group work opens a wide field to experience our own voice.*


2d June:   14h - 17h,      workshop by Walli Höfinger
3th June:   9h30 -12h30 workshop by Christiane Hommelsheim

Both: 45 Euro
1 Workshop:  25 Euro

Au Quai, Quai du Hainaut, 2, Brussels
(close to the Walvis)

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0472 85 48 80

Thank you, kind regards

aka Jee Kast

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* Note: We are not teaching acting - if at all, we are teaching how to not let acting take priority over the voice - especially useful for actors!
** 10-12 people per workshop, if too little participants money will be fully remitted.
*** Subscription will be fully when deposited €10 (or €20 for both) on 735-1401149-69
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Performance & …
Th  31-05: Birdsong  by W. Höfinger & C. Hommelsheim,
Fri  01-06: Lecture on voice and writing by Louise Desbrusses
            shadows, fairies and me by C. Hommelsheim,
Sat, 02-06: Alphabet, C. Hommelsheim, Irene Mattioli
           le coeur rectifié, L. Desbrusses, R. Haarmann, C.Hommelsheim
All  performances will take place at www.theatredelavie.be
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